"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move."
- Robert Louis Stevenson

Exploring the World with One Bag

In one week I’m off to travel the world. I don’t how long I’ll be gone or everywhere I will go. I have a one-way ticket to Israel and plan to travel east from there. I don’t know if I will be gone for only six months or for over two years. What I do know is that I like to travel light and moving light means bringing only what I need.

Over the past month I have traveled across the country visiting friends and family. Every time one of them sees my single bag they’re astonished at how little I seem to bring. I’m not an expert at packing for travel or even folding well to save space, but I thought I would shed some light on all I’m bringing for the indefinite future.


Osprey Talon 44 Backpack

I like to be mobile and that means being able to put everything I have on my back. Rolling suitcases and over-sized duffels are perfect for packing everything you own when you are moving between the taxi to the hotel. However, you can’t hoist them for miles through the woods or carry them all day in a city.  I picked the Talon for a couple of reasons. It fits me well, I can carry it on an airplane, and it forces me to keep my load under 30 pounds.

What’s Inside the Bag.


1 pair of Jeans

1 pair of Lightweight Hiking Pants
-Also serves as khakis for the potential nicer occasion

2 pairs of Shorts
-Two pairs of hybrid shorts that dry as quick as a bathing suit but are comfortable for every day wear. 

4 T-shirts

2 Collared Shirts
-It's always good to be able to put on a collared shirt for a nice evening in town.

4 Long Sleeve Shirts
-One regular. One capilene shirt as it is good to have clothing that will keep you warm when wet. Two slightly heavier shirts with hoods that add warmth if I need to layer.

-Chacos are ideal for almost any activity. They are comfortable on easy hikes and perfect for the water. I will most likely end up wearing these the majority of the time.

Rain jacket

-One final layer for protection from wind and the colder elements. If I layer correctly I will still be warm even in snow.

-A pair of lightweight running shoes that I can use to work out, go hiking, or wear out to a nicer dinner.

Socks and Underwear
-Includes two pairs of Smartwool hiking socks and one pair of long underwear.

Sunglasses and Baseball cap


-I debated not bringing my laptop as it is the single heaviest item I have, but one of my goals while traveling is to capture and share my story. Processing pictures, editing video, and writing a blog require a computer and I think it will be worth having it. It is always nice to relax with a movie from time to time as well.

-Real books are great, but while traveling nothing beats a Kindle. I love to read and being able to load up on books and carry them with me everywhere I go is a must.

-I primarily plan to use my phone to take photos and videos. I don't plan on buying an international service plan, but instead will use wi-fi when I can find it. If I am in a country long enough a may get a local sim card.

GoPro Camera + Pole
-A tiny camera perfect for anything from action shots to beautiful time-lapses. I'm not a pro but I hope to capture many great travel experiences with this camera. 

Travel Adapter
-I am only carrying the adapter for Europe and Asia. When I get somewhere else I'll pick up the adapter for that region.

GoalZero Portable Solar Charger
-I want to be able to take photos and videos even on multi-week trips through nature. As long as it's not cloudy every day this will allow me to charge my smaller devices.

2 Headphones

External Hard Drive
-There is nothing worse than losing all of your photos, videos, music, and documents that you have on your computer. I left one hard drive at home with everything that was currently stored on my computer and will continually back up my computer on the one I carry with me throughout the trip. 

Toiletries / Medical:

I bring all of the normal toiletries in small enough containers to carry onto an airplane. Once I run out I just refill with whatever I can get wherever I am. As often as possible I like to find products like Dr. Bronner's, which you can use for shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, and more.

In case I get sick I have a bottle full of various medicine to help with sinus issues, headaches, pain, and even severe stomach sickness. 

The Rest:

Arcteryx Cierzo 18 – Day Pack
-Thanks to a friend of mine for introducing me to this bag. It holds everything I need for a day or even an over night trip. Best part of all is that it is compressible and fits inside my main pack when I am not using it.

Notebook and Pen
-It's important to be able to jot down travel plans, addresses, and ideas when you need to. You can't always rely on a computer or a phone to store information. 

Deck of Cards
-One of the best ways to make friends or keep yourself amused.

-P-cord is one of the most helpful things to have while traveling. You can use it as a laundry line, to tie things down or to your backpack, and to make a rope. The uses are only limited by what you can think of. 

Water Bottle
-Hydration is key to being a happy traveler.

The rest of the rest - Combo lock, Carabiners, Bottle Opener, Passport (don't go abroad without it), Extra copies of passport and important documents, Extra Passport Photos, Headlamp, Plastic Bags, Harmonica, Frisbee, Chopsticks.

Everything I need to travel the world.

Everything I need to travel the world.

And there you have it. Everything I've listed fits into my backpack with plenty of space to store food and souvenirs along the way. My current pack list is aimed towards Israel and spending time in that region of the world. When I get to colder climates I'll figure out if I need to pick something up to stay warm. I have plenty of room to fit more stuff in my pack or at the very least strap it to the outside.

Lastly, I do my best to be open to trying new things, being flexible, and staying positive in every situation. There will be problems, but that is just part of the adventure and I can't wait for it to begin.

If you think I forgot anything important that I should bring on my travels let me know in the comments. Also, if you would like to receive an email when I publish a new post, subscribe to my blog below: